Jul 31, 2009

More Lightning, anyone?

OK, so I have not captured any lightning photos quite as beautiful as these over at the Big Picture blog, but things are getting better.

It is really instructive to look at great shots, use the power of the information age to see what the good photogs are doing, and get inspired to do better each time out.

One thing among the good shots is that they have a subject with or without the lightning. The lightning makes it dramatic. Just a picture of a lightning bolt could be anywhere, but adding another identifiable element makes it much more interesting to look at.

Attempt 1... A church with a huge, brightly lit cross in the parking lot.

Lightning July 31-100

And much better...
Lightning July 31-101

Attempt 2... very identifiable landmark, WalMart...
I did not find a good place where trees were not blocking the signs or the parking lot lights weren't causing a lot of flare in the lens.. next time I will be prepared to shade the camera better...
Lightning July 31-102

Lightning July 31-103

OK enough of that...

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