Oct 31, 2009

Quick Pics - Costumes

My church hosts an annual "Fall Festival" event as a safe, indoor environment with lots of games, candy, food, games, candy, fun, and candy.

Did I mention the candy?

I volunteered to do a photo booth... surprise!

Since I don't get to try new lighting styles often enough, this was the perfect opportunity.

Karl came to assist, which was awesome, because we had a great turnout. With over 130 subjects (590 photos) in two hours, it was a workout.

The lighting idea was an edgy sort of look. The lighting was an Alien Bee B800 in a 48" Octabox above and directly in front of the subjects, and one AB 1600 on each side about 3' behind the subjects with their standard reflectors.

I used black foamcore as flags to keep the light off of the background.

The results... a lot of fun that worked for almost every costume. Not so great for group shots, but the big soft box was very forgiving in the front to make the shots workable, as with the Scooby Doo gang...

The results...

The Spiderman franchise seems to be doing well.. there were several varieties, but you can't go wrong with these sneakers...

Mario was there in search of his princess..

And there were lots of princesses to choose from... Pink hair takes the cake though.

Cute as a bug was never so true... bug babies were everywhere!


There was quite a large contingent of Jedi types... along with a few from the dark side. Inevitably, there was conflict.

Home-made Palace Guard outfit was cool... with the hat he was about 6' tall.

It was definitely a super-hero hot spot...

I'm thinking this wasn't a costume so much as just an excuse to get the skateboard out...

Cheerleading was popular..

Bewitching witches aplenty..

Animals from the wild...

and the not so wild.

Humor may change as we get older, but whoopie cushion humor is funny no matter your age...

Some parents got clever in the costume department.

And one was just fun to watch walk around...

I hope everyone had a fun and safe evening...

Happy shooting everyone.

Don J.

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