Oct 17, 2009

Quick Pics - Fun Subjects

After weeks of rainy dreariness, I was able to get out for some kid and family sessions today... it was great weather, great subjects, and great fun to be a photographer.

Here are some quick pics...

This was really a lighting test because her little sister was the primary subject of the session. However, having big sister around was a godsend as she was a tremendous help in many ways. Testing lights, showing how to be a good model and just having fun. Of course, I got plenty of pics of her as well.

Nothing makes me feel old quite the same way as chasing two year old kids... but when they stop for just a second, it is hard to find cuter subjects.

During the afternoon, my wife and I went out to Frog, Texas to see what was happening at the Frog City Blues October Festival. I think we were there way too early in the day to get a good idea of how the event would really go, but it seemed like people were definitely going to have a good time.

I was happy with this quick grab of a kid looking at the drummer of opening band Stormy Weather.

Shooting at sunset is almost always a good thing. Throw in (literally) happy, smiling kiddos and it becomes harder to take a bad photo than a good one... (although I managed to miss the focus on this one)

Happy Shooting everyone, enjoy the fall weather and take some great pics!

don j.

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