May 3, 2010

Lightning over Terrell

A nice spring thunderstorm rolled through Terrell, with a lot of lightning in the clouds. I saw only a few cloud-ground strikes, so I hope everybody is safe and sound.

I have written about photographing lightning before here and here. I suppose that 'play time' with the camera does pay off when you want to get a shot as a working photographer for the newspaper. See... go play with your camera just in case!

These are hand-held shots so clarity is a bit lacking...

I was shooting from the middle school parking lot, with only light poles, bleachers and trees really visible from under the awning. For a foreground element, the only thing recognizable was the water tower, so I just aimed there and shot until I got something. Lightning is mostly a game of patience and persistence. Equipment was the 5D and 70-200 because that is all I took with me to a special school board meeting.

one more..

Stay safe in the weather everyone,

Don J.

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