Sep 28, 2012

Homecoming Queens

Ahhh, Homecoming.  The wonderful high school tradition that is lost on me, but that is OK.  Maybe I will get more sentimental later in life.

I was discussing photog duties during homecoming with another photog and was reminded that this will be my fifth year doing this.  Which is a challenge now to make something that doesn't look like every homecoming shot from the last four.

Of course, the homecoming queen is the primary objective.  Football and all else may be lost, but you really need the queen :).

The real problem is that there isn't much room to take a risk.  You have to get some sort of shot for the newspaper to run.

The first year I shot homecoming was the best reaction moment of all so far. homecoming-137

2009 was less of a reaction, and less of a sharp photo by me. Not what I would call a success. HomecomingHOF-161


2010 was a switch to Terrell, but I didn't get much from the reaction.  A bonus, the queen's face was nicely framed by the previous queen's arm as she was crowned. Sometimes the arm is blocking the face instead.

Last year was a good reaction and a poor job by the photographer capturing it... SS-Homecoming-0245

At least the crowning shot was in focus. Homecoming Football-0262

This year, it will be two homecoming games.  A few weeks ago in North Forney I got an OK reaction shot..
Don C. Johnson: Homecoming vs. Ennis Sept. 14

And an OK crowning/hug.  But just OK.
Don C. Johnson: Homecoming vs. Ennis Sept. 14

Hopefully an early start will mean good light and a good shot tonight.

See y'all in Terrell.

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