Sep 24, 2012

Monday Photo Roundup - Sept. 24

Rodeo Flash-7015

I attempted some flash work at the rodeo Friday night, with mixed results.  I was using the Canon 580exII on a cord, hand holding it as high as I could reach above the camera.  That meant hand-holding the 1D with the 70-200 in one hand and the flash in the other.  With no hand to adjust the zoom, and really random action, I only had a few shots that were any good.  And, of course, there is still an ugly flash shadow, just a little further separated than if it were on the camera.

Great video... Ibarionex Perello discusses the use of shadow in photos.  Also, with all of the folks in the photo education/discussion/podcasting etc. industry, Perello wins best voice easily.

Another... astronomy photos of the year.  Note that these photos are about much more than stars and space.

Brian Braun posted a great set of inspirational interview vids from Andrew Zuckerman.

If you can't travel to interesting places for landscape photography, how about creating your own.  Very cool.

What are the best value AA batteries (at least in the UK)?  No surprise that the companies' names for the batteries have no indication of performance.

Have a great week out there.

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