Jul 14, 2010

Photo fun on the Web July style


I hope everyone in Easttexasphoto-land is having a great summer... and staying cool. I am getting super-excited about the opportunity to retake the shot above this fall.

I'm probably just going to add a link to the Boston Globe Big Picture blog to the page. It is always greatness.
Sports/Action is about 50/50 on preparation and luck. #1 on this post is a healthy dose of luck though. #14 , 16, 17, 27- you get what you get when you are doing something that crazy.
#21-Sometimes you get the bull...
#33-I think the bull made a comment about his sequins.
#39- this is how photography and journalism eventually changes things. Images like this (and the others showing the wounded bulls) can make people stop and ask "Why?."

The photogs at DMN have their own blog going too... some nice stuff from the big city.

Further proof that mastering light is more important than having the latest camera....*

*that said, I am really wanting to make the leap to a 7D or 1DmkIV before football season, because when you can't control the light, gear really can make a difference.

Finally, no matter what camera you are using, if you are in the East Texas region, go on a photo walk with Brian and get some great shots around Terrell's downtown area. I will be there covering it for the Tribune and getting some fun shots as well. On Film.

Have a great rest of your week,

Don J.

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  1. thanks for the link! i think the basement at the griffith-cox house is really impressive, and will be a neat addition to the walk this year!