Jul 21, 2010

Quick Pic - Sports Portrait

Had some fun this morning doing a quick set-up for a portrait of Matthew Rich, who has qualified for the Junior Olympic Nationals event in Sacramento, California. He is in the decathlon... 10 events over two days.

This was shot with the Tribune's 50D, two Elinchrom BxRI500s and a small Canon flash with a red gel for the back wall.

See his story in the Thursday Tribune.

There is still room for folks in the Terrell part of the Worldwide Photo Walk on Saturday.. grab a camera and have some fun with other shutterbugs. For visitors outside of the area, you can also go to that link to find a photowalk near you.

I'm expecting a new point-and-shoot camera to arrive tomorrow. Review to come.

Have a great rest o' the week,

Don J.

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