Jul 24, 2010

Terrell Photo Walk

Brian led the Terrell part of Scott Kelby's worldwide photo walk project. It was nice to hang out with other photo buffs and look for pictures just for the fun of it. It is also intriguing to see what photos other people see and capture from the same place and time.

I decided to take minimal equipment, and just try to work creatively with whatever I took. To mix it up a little bit, I took a manual focus Canon T90 film camera along as well.

Digital - (I was shooting for the Tribune as well)
Canon 5D, 24-70mm, Lensbaby Composer

Film -
Canon T90
55mm f1.2
20mm f2.8

And the results...

The Lensbaby really is a fun toy and deserves more time on the camera.

There is a group on flickr with photos from several members of the group...

Have a great weekend everyone... take some great pictures!

Don J.

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