Mar 17, 2012

Watching photogs at the Dallas Arboretum

Arboretum Photogs-8877

The Dallas Arboretum is certainly a photog hot spot. The beautiful grounds, unique features and events are hard to beat for pretty pictures. It can get crowded, but if you are willing to wait your turn in some of the displays, good photos are going to happen. Or go on a week day.

Of course, the flowers are beautiful and all of that, but I have more fun watching all of the people taking pictures. Almost everyone in the place has a camera, and that ranges from kids snapping at everything to professionals making portraits of both people and plants.

Part of the fun is just seeing what other people are doing and seeing...
Arboretum Photogs-9079

Arboretum Photogs-9109

Or just enjoying the human race as entertainment.
Arboretum Photogs-9082

Finally, it is refreshing to see so many people enjoying photography as a fun meaningful and personal thing. Looking back through Renee's scrapbooks, it is amazing how much of our memory is dependent on what we have recorded.
Arboretum Photogs-9110

OK, one for those very scrapbooks...
Arboretum March 17-8654

The Arboretum is very photographer friendly. You do have to pay to get in, but there are no restrictions for pros or amateurs shooting portraits etc. The photo info page is here.

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