Mar 3, 2012

Track season is in full swing ...

Track meets have incredible photo potential, but I really wasn't feeling inspired this morning. Seriously, when I left the house I really just wanted to get a shot or two of our local athletes early and get back home. And when I arrived, I found out that I had already missed one of the Terrell girls taking second place in the high jump. Bummer.

This girl helped motivate me by crashing on the first hurdle, then getting up and finishing her race anyway.
Forney Track Blog-9989

Clean backgrounds were hard to find but the morning light was nice.
Forney Track Blog-9779

Behind the finish line, big yellow busses.
Forney Track Blog-0153

Behind the shot put (and everywhere else) fences and lots of random stuff. This is after cropping a lot of it out.
Forney Track Blog-9789

Solution one... get low and use the sky. Using a long lens helps, but you also have a good chance of someone walking between yourself and your subject at a track meet. This is with a 300mm lens.
Forney Track Blog-0051

Lower and wide angle if you can get close and shrink background objects.. This is at 24mm.
Forney Track Blog-0114

Solution two... didn't work this time. Get high and use the ground. I tried this near the end of qualifiers as I was about to leave. I like the shadows, but not the hurdles in the background.
Forney Track Blog-0198

Forney Track Blog-0184

A few others that I liked..
Forney Track Blog-0057

Forney Track Blog-0054

Random photo... sometimes I see things that make me scared for the future, when my son reaches daredevil stage.
Forney Track Blog-9877


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