Mar 23, 2012

Quick Pics - Lets hear it for the drummers

The Will Graham Celebration event is in town for the weekend, with music from Rend Collective Experiment and Brenton Brown.

Of course, I am partial to percussionists of all varieties..

Pretty ones
Will Graham Celebration-0125

Intense ones
Will Graham Celebration-0434

Hairy ones
Will Graham Celebration-0059

And best of all, ones that play something that looks pieced together from random parts
Will Graham Celebration-0266

I had to shoot soccer and did not get to stay for the whole event to hear Will Graham (son of Franklin, grandson of Billy) preach, but the production value was very high for the music set. Having good lighting certainly makes taking good looking pictures a lot easier.
Will Graham Celebration-0414

Here is an over-processed version of a quick portrait we did for Sunday's Tribune.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

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