Jul 5, 2012

Fireworks ... how'd that work out for you?

How did fireworks photos work out for you this year?  I did OK, I think, at least for the newspaper.

I am thinking for next year it would be fun to shoot a senior portrait or engaged couple with fireworks going in the background.  Any willing subjects out there?

My fave was this.. fireworks look like a heart behind a couple watching... FireAug6-6721

I started with the 70-200 to try to bring the fireworks a little bit closer, but I was in a bad spot to put anything in the foreground.. FireAug6-6603

I tried to get some subjects sitting on the ground, but letting in enough light for that overexposed the fireworks..


Red, White and Blue

A little further back from the foot bridge in the park... FireAug6-6656

I hope yours were even better. Have a great end of the week, Don J.

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