Jul 8, 2012

Monday photo roundup

I have great anticipation for the days ahead when Joshua (above, now 15 months old) is able to join me for some photo shoots.  This story, however, breaks my heart...  4 year old dies helping dad take photos.

That story also reminded me of this one.. where a photographer fell to his death while getting to a unique shooting spot here in Dallas.  Sometimes the camera can really make you blind to your surroundings, or cause unsafe decision-making just to get the shot.

Photographer and author David Duchemin survived a 30' fall which he talks about here...
His books are inspiring by the way. Within the Frame is as much a book about seeing the world in photographic terms as it is about taking pictures..

My birthday is right around the corner... any of Duchemin's other books would be just fine, thank you! David Duchemin on Amazon

 Finally, on a more upbeat note... how about doing some really fun photos with your kids instead of just snapshots?  Here is some inspiration for you.

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  1. I read that article about the 4 yr. old the other day. My heart broke!! I could not imagine.