Jul 23, 2012

Monday Photo Roundup July 23

And now, from the department of too cute... a quick portrait of a coworker's granddaughter.

Canon unveiled its EOS-M small mirrorless camera this week.  I have played with the Nikon in this class and was not impressed... I probably won't put out the cash for this one either.

Dog owners... I did a blog post about getting better photos of your best friend over on the Terrell Animal Adoption Center's blog.  Here's a hint though.. it is just about the same as getting good people photos.

Less than a week until summer Olympics time.  Of course, I will be following some of my favorite sports photogs as much as I will be watching the athletic competition.  Honestly, it seems to be just as intense a competition for great photography as it is for the athletes.  The photogs who get that assignment are the best in the world at what they do as well.

Here is what Mark Rebilas will be taking in his camera bag...

Speaking of sports shooters.. the monthly contest amongst the folks over at SportsShooter is always worth a look.

It is my last week at the Tribune.  Fun times ahead.

Have a great week everyone.

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