Aug 13, 2012

Monday Photo Roundup Aug. 13

Don C. Johnson: Blog

I had a lot of fun last week shooting some marketing images for Trinity Valley Oral Surgery.  The staff is great and from what the clients had to say, the service and results are great as well.

Wedding photogs like to say that the photos and the rings are the only thing you keep from the wedding ceremony, so that is where to spend the money.  That is true of the Olympics too.  Yes, I'm still gushing over Olympics photos and photogs.  Here is a nice Reuters behind-the-scenes piece.

Would you had over your camera to the world's fastest man?  Usain Bolt took some nice shots after winning in London.

Photogs are always searching for a new way to make unique images.  With so many top people shooting at the Olympics, NYT's David Burnett goes old-tech to separate himself from the rest.

The Olympics and a Texas Monthly cover are two things I'd like to shoot :)

Now we can go back to regularly scheduled programming, right?

Don't forget, family photos in August get a free large canvas print!

Now.. here is another version of the photo at the top.  Same setup, just dropped the black fabric background to use the blinds.  I switched to a lower aperture and used a lot more reflected ambient light to get the bg out of focus.
Don C. Johnson: Blog
Have a great week.

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