Aug 18, 2012

Too close for comfort

I enjoy photographing lightning, even though it is a bit scary.  From a distance the beauty and power of it are just too beautiful to pass up.

So tonight I was on the front porch as usual, but this storm's electrical fireworks were primarily in the clouds.  Beautiful, but not the lightning bolt photos that I want.

The depth of the clouds is really nice, though.  This was my favorite from that part of the storm. Lightning-8889

A cell of the storm was moving from the left (behind my house and a line of trees) we could tell that some cloud-to-ground strikes were getting closer.  One struck close enough to hear the sizzle, and I had my hopes up.

And then the sky exploded.  A bolt (lightning really surges several times during the course of a strike and makes lots of pops and booms) hit directly across the street, I believe striking the basketball goal in my neighbors driveway.  And I picked up my camera mid-exposure to come inside.  That is way too close for comfort.
Too Close-8990

Lighting is not safe, folks.. do not try this at home.

After wrapping up the post, I couldn't help but notice some nice (and more distant) lightning happening out the window.

I liked this one..

Have a great weekend,

Don J.


  1. I may have had to change my britches with that one.

  2. It woke the girls up when it hit a house in the neighborhood and burned it to the ground ... be safe!