Aug 20, 2012

Monday Photo Roundup Aug. 20


One of my wonderful nieces.  You don't need a bag full of photo gear for a trip to the park.  This is a 5D and 50mm at dusk.  Can't go wrong with that combo.

More iPhone journalism.. how about Time Magazine sending a photog to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Photographer Taryn Simon will make you ponder a lot about photography, national secrets, truth and the criminal justice system... among other things.

If you are in a dark-sky location... how about using the Milky Way as your family photo backdrop?

For world-traveling photogs..  Chase Jarvis shares travel tips.  He would know.

Tips for aching photographer backs?  Sure - on SportsShooter of course.

While on SportsShooter.. check out the monthly contest winners for some inspiration.

I can't believe Football season is upon us.

Have a great week everyone.

You are being watched :)

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