Sep 20, 2012

Another fun Friday

It is a rare Friday night with no football for me, but I am looking forward to volleyball, rodeo and a very interesting portrait concept this weekend...

Volleyball is only as fun as the teams are competitive.  Both teams can be good, or both teams can be bad and that is ok.  Have one team completely dominate and it isn't as fun.

It is usually hard to find good backgrounds for volleyball as well.  Luckily this will be a match at Forney High School, which has a raised walkway at one end of the court for a unique downward angle at the net.  Also, luckily, I have upgraded cameras since this shot and should be able to expose properly with less noise.

Rodeo is a different story.  Lighting doesn't seem to be much of a priority at most small arenas, so you just do your best, or set  up strobes in a very dusty environment.  To see rodeo lit well, check out Todd Brewer's photos on flickr.  He puts in the work to get phenomenal shots.  I will not have the time or equipment to do that tomorrow, but that doesn't mean no pictures...  Here is an example from last year.
Rodeo Terrell ZF-568

Have a great weekend (and make some good photos!)

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