Sep 17, 2012

Monday Photo Roundup - Sept. 17

ASH In Seagoville-5179
I'm not a fan of LED lights for a number of reasons, but they are increasingly popular for portable stage lighting setups.  On the positive side, you get multi-color lights, easy setup and low power consumption for relatively low prices.  For photogs, it is generally inconsistent light and the colors can be garish.  Once you give up on white balance, you can have fun though.  I'd be curious if anyone has tried these in a studio environment.

ASH In Seagoville-5196
The journalist side of me likes to include environmental details in photos and having stage lighting gear definitely lets any viewer know that this is a concert....

Canon introduces a new full-frame - EOS 6D.  Maybe an alternative to the 5D III that I lust after?

Lots of people ask what kind of camera to buy... here is a helpful chart...

Yet another reminder ... wild animals are wild.  Don't be stupid.

That vid reminded me of this site - iPad is not a camera.  Which is funny and all, but in a discussion with friends yesterday, I was reminded that a growing part of our population is in the older demographic, where a giant screen is very helpful for composition.  What manufacturer will be the first to offer a large-screen touch-control camera targeted at seniors? iPad review on ElderGadget.

Low-light no-tripod photog tips..

Photo Gadgets

Lots of great space news images...  That first shot of the sun is amazing.

Book of the week..

Vincent LaForet talks time-lapse...

Have a great week.

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