Sep 3, 2012

Monday photo round up - Sept. 3

Little Fannie, 7 years old, 48 inches high, helps sister in Elk Mills. Her sister (in photo) said, "Yes, she he'ps me right smart. Not all day but all she can. Yes, she started with me at six this mornin'"... (LOC)
Since it is Labor Day... check out this great collection of child labor images by Lewis Hine from the early 1900s.  Photography with a purpose is more compelling than snapshots with no purpose.

While you are there, grab some coffee and dig around in the Library of Congress flickr photo galleries. If you want to learn photography, learn what a good photo looks like.  And no, it isn't instagram filters, as much fun as they are.

Why bother becoming a better photographer when there are so many greats out there?

I have often mentioned the need for a clear subject in a photo.  Celebrity photog Chris Buck has turned that around entirely.  The photos show everything but the subject.  Interesting.

Here is a nice video with tips to help keep things in focus, literally..

The name of the magazine is "Where."   Just make sure you have other people look at your design work before going to press.  I hope I never goof up a design like this.

Clever..  Slingshot Camera.

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