Oct 15, 2012

Monday Photo Roundup Oct. 15


The weather held off for us Saturday night for a nice set of senior photos. Sometimes it all works out. Of course, something had to be a little oddball since I was the photographer. When the photos are looking good, I get distracted. Getting low angles for shots like this... HaileyWhiteside-4719

... I managed to lay in a fire ant bed. which is just dumb. And painful. And embarrassing. And did I mention painful?

It is fall over at the Big Picture blog...

10 solid tips for better cell-phone camera photos.

Awesome - Photog on early 1900s Antartica expedition documented being stranded with Shackleton.

I like my Honl flash goodies a lot.  Turns out his folks make entertaining product videos as well..

Strobist David Hobby reviews my next book purchase... Secrets of Great Portrait Photography.

And, I'll wrap it up with a few more from Saturday.
HaileyWhiteside-4672 Whiteside-4751

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