Oct 5, 2012

Telling the tale of a losing effort

Action shots at sporting events can often be misleading in telling the story of the game.  Photo editors look for shots that depict how the game went, but it is sometimes the non-action shots that really tell the tale.

Such was the case last night as Terrell (the team I was covering) fell behind early.  It was clear that the teams were badly mismatched and it would be a long night for the Tigers.  After several turnovers and no offensive movement of the ball at all, Terrell head coach Kevin Wilson called a timeout in the first quarter to rally the team a bit.  A short walk to my left and I had the team, coach and scoreboard lined up...
SS Terrell vs WM-1213

The action shots can be telling, of course, but that becomes a bit like singling out players in one instance of bad play.. A quarterback falling untouched in the backfield for example.. SS Terrell vs WM-2037

Or getting tossed at the line of scrimmage.. SS Terrell vs WM-1460

An interception..
SS Terrell vs WM-1445

Or being tackled by more than half of the opposing team's players at once. Not sure how that happens. Seven West Mesquite players got to the runner.
SS Terrell vs WM-2012

There were three Terrell highlights, only one of which I managed a photo of.  I was in a bad spot for a fake punt that worked for a first down.  Same an interception that went back for a long defensive touchdown.

A long (81 yard) pass and run for a touchdown was right in front of me, so of course, the receiver was facing the other sideline... SS Terrell vs WM-1304

He turned my way after the catch, but alas, the moment was gone. It could be any play of the game.SS Terrell vs WM-1309

Still, for me, the photo at the top tells the tale pretty well by itself.

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