Oct 22, 2012

Monday Photo Roundup - Oct. 22

My favorite photo subject is 18 months old, and quickly turning from toddler to rambunctious boy.  Fun times to be a dad, and a great time to be a photographer!
Joshua Road-7662

Very clever photog uses mirrors and environment for "framing" his art.  Any volunteers to try this with fashion or family photos?

Photographing a (controlled) airliner crash.  That is a great assignment.

Not everyone is adjusting to professional-quality small cameras very quickly.  In this case the photog was treated as a non-professional because of his mirrorless camera.  That probably also has implications on event venues that restrict "professional" cameras, often defined as cameras with changeable lenses, or a restriction on lens length.

A good list of photog mistakes...  Knowing what they are means you can avoid them.

Biggest new product news of last week (to me) was the new GoPro Hero 3.

One more Joshua photo... with the shutter speed bumped up to black out the environment.  Not sure if it looks like he is checking out a flying saucer or what...
Joshua Blog-7674

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