Oct 5, 2012

Carnival fun photos

Seagofest Carnival

It is hard to beat small-town carnival atmosphere for photography fun.  There are lots of people having fun, some having no fun at all, carneys, and of course, lots of lights and lighting challenges. Usually you only have about 30-45 minutes of daylight that is not too bright to combine with slow shutter speeds. (use a neutral density filter to get long shutter speeds during the day) Including a darkening sky with spinning rides is great. Today was better than that... clouds of a cold front rolling into the area just as it got dark. Of course it pays to be early for fun people shots. Did I mention carneys?
Seagofest Carnival-2341

Upside down ride riders... Seagofest Carnival-2316

Fun slide sliders...
Seagofest Carnival-2368

Shooting people on moving rides is hard, but as always, sharp eyes are key.. Seagofest Carnival-2464

Many rides have bright halogen lights directed at the riders. If you catch them going through that light, it is usually good..

Seagofest Carnival-2476

As it gets darker, shutter speeds get longer to capture any sky at all... which also makes for more interesting patterns in ferris wheel lights.
Seagofest Carnival-2645

Seagofest Carnival-2702

Seagofest Carnival-2628

Seagofest Carnival

How to shoot pretty blurry light photos?  Get a tripod and be willing to look like a shutterbug while having fun with hundreds of your neighbors.

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