Oct 8, 2012

Monday Photo Roundup Oct. 8


The annual "National Night Out" activities in Kaufman could use a little boost and involvement from more folks.  Thankfully, the KHS Jazz Ensemble sets up and provides some entertainment and good music.  Also thankfully, they bring lights.

Reminiscing about low light shooting ... back in high school, I was amazed to find Kodak T-max 3200 speed B&W film at Ritz Camera in the mall.  That meant I could occasionally get decent photos at football games.  The film has now been discontinued.

Colby Brown has a nice post showing the effects of retouching a landscape image in LightRoom with a nifty before/after slider...

How about riding across the northern USA with eight iPhones rigged as a giant panoramic camera?  Even more curious, the footage is for a "live stage show."


I wouldn't call it a facelift, but if you have expensive Leica lenses, I guess why not?

Going beyond capturing images...

And a few more NNO photos..

5D and 50mm f1.4 makes for nice short-depth-of-field fun.

Lights, lights everywhere..

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