Jul 21, 2009

Fun Photo Stuff from the Web

What the duck... animated...

My wonderful wife and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary over the weekend so I missed out on the Worldwide Photo Walk activities... Jim had one going over in Terrell, and there were several around our area. If you are a Flickr member (it's free) go check out some great photos in the photowalk groups to see what the hubbub was all about. Videos are on Scott Kelby's blog (including a slideshow from downtown Dallas) and youtube... I definitely want to participate in the future. If anyone is interested in an "EastTexasPhoto" photo walk or get together, let me know. Collaboration can be a great creativity booster.

The move toward "Citizen Journalism," which includes blogs and other self-publishing avenues is very interesting to me. Unfortunately, businesses with very low costs of entry and broad competition are hard to make profitable. Further, while the pool of "journalists" gets exponentially bigger, the depth of reporting and seems to be at an all time low. That makes this interesting. A collaboration of sorts to distribute news event photography from regular people for licensing by larger traditional and new media outlets.

Canon EOS 5D shutter release in super-slow-motion looks very violent to me.

I have been reading Within the Frame by David duChemin. I will try to review that when I am finished, but it has some very thought-provoking insights about the whys (and hows) of photography, especially when shooting in other cultures. That has me very excited about September because I am going on a top secret trip south of the equator. Very exciting. Like, I can't sleep. Part two of "Camera packing tips" coming up for sure!

And one from me... Space Shuttle Endeavor leaving JRB Fort Worth on the back of a 747 last December. A photo cannot capture what it was like to watch this thing fly. Amazing.

Happy Shooting everyone,

don j

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  1. I have become that duck sometimes I think ... I don't want the typical 'unity candle' shot anymore. I want something good :)