Jul 5, 2009

Quick Pics - More Fireworks

The wife and I had a fun 4th of July evening hanging out in Terrell, TX with Michael, Christina,  Jim and Karl.  Of course, it was another evening of fireworks fun..  here are a few shots I liked.

I played around with two cameras, the 5D and 40D.   It turned out that we were very close to the fireworks, and it seemed they were explodind directly overhead.  I like to get foregroud elements into the frame so the 5D with a Sigma 14mm lens was great for capturing everything.

This is a 7 second exposure, f13, iso200 with the 5D/14mm combo.
Terrell July 4-107

This was one of the first attempts with the 40D and the 14mm, also 7 seconds but at f11, iso 100.
Terrell July 4-100

This is the 5D/14mm, another 7 second exposure this time at f16.  This has had a lot of adjustments in lightroom to pop the color.
Terrell July 4-112

While playing around in Lightroom, I started playing with the "Fill Light" on the fireworks shots.  It really brought up the noise, but I think the overall effect is a fun, almost nostalgic look.  5D/14mm, 9 Seconds, f16,  iso 200.
Terrell July 4-105

Another crazy lightroom bonanza, maxing out the saturation, blacks level, clarity...  all kinds of adjustments.  It turned into neon fireworks...  definitely not the original colors, but a fun look.  I like the silhouetted trees as well.
Terrell July 4-114

don j.


  1. I like those, they all look cool.

  2. Thanks Jim, It was a pleasure to meet you again.. keep up the good work!