Jul 30, 2009

Quick Pics - Phone Photos in Fort Worth

I have heard wise photographers say, "The best camera is the one you have with you." With cameras built into the phone, at least we almost always have a way to get snapshots (or better) and capture a moment.

Today I was out in Fort Worth for work. Fort Worth is one of my favorite cities, because it really maintains a country, smaller-town feel. I grew up on small country towns, so I feel at home there.

I take my "real" camera almost everywhere, but it is a little bit big to carry around, especially when talking to customers for my real job. Which gets us back to cell phone cameras.

There is a cutting-horse show at Will Rogers Arena, with lots of photo opportunities. The horses, cows, Cowboys, Cowgirls, boots with spurs... all kinds of photographic goodness.

While there, I noticed in the main arena there were lots of riders going around in circles. It reminded me of an ice rink, except completely different.

On the side was one cowboy watching and having a quiet moment with a horse.

There was not much light, so the riders in the background were blurring out, making a nice effect. It's all about layers.

Of course, I wish I had my dslr, but I am still happy with these pictures for capturing the feeling in the arena at least a little.

One more cell-phone camera example...

A very "Fort Worth" snapshot...

Use the camera you have with you, and even if it is just a cell-phone camera, you can still use it to make memorable photos instead of just snapshots. All of these photos are taken with a Blackberry Curve.

Happy Shooting,

don j.

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