Jul 28, 2009

Shoot Around

One fun excercise I enjoy is finding a subject and shooting around it with different backgrounds and camera settings. By doing this, then analyzing the results, you develop your ability to pre-visualize a photo and use the camera, light, subject and background to make it happen.

Back out at the Reunion Demolition site, I came upon some variety of sunflower growing in the parking lot. For all kinds of reasons, a flower at this place is a contrasting element, so it became a photo subject.

Here is a basic walk-up snapshot of the pretty flower and ugly demolition in progress.
Canon 5D, 24mm, f10, 1/200, iso100, -2/3 exposure to accommodate for the big dark spot in the middle.

Next up, shallow depth of field to knock the background into blurry goodness. I played with this on in LightRoom quite a bit to for some funky colors, just 'cuz I liked it.
Canon 5D, 32mm, f2.8, 1/1600, iso100

Now how about a family portrait with a nice cloudy sky background? hmmmm...
Canon 5D, 45mm, f5, 1/1600, iso 100

OK, and a close up?
Canon 5D, 65mm, f5, 1/500, iso 100

I'm really liking the blue sky in the background contrasting the yellow, so wide angle it is...
Canon 5D, f5, 1/1600, iso100

Sooooo, find something interesting and have some fun shooting it. Change settings, change angles, look for backgrounds... you will definitely learn something in the process if you take a little time to look at the results....

Happy Shooting,

don j.

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